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May 14, 2009
Orange County, CA
Re-posted because it got lost at the bottom of the list somehow. Admins please feel free to delete the other post. Thanks!


Christopher is scheduled for surgery at CHOC a week from today. His pre-op testing is scheduled for Monday at 1:00 also at CHOC pending authorization from our medical group (HMO). I called last Monday to check the status of the auth and was told that they had until Wednesday per their rules for the type of auth it was sent as But they also said we don't have the facilities to do kids anymore so we refer them to CHOC anyway so it shouldn't be a problem. Well as of this morning I hadn't heard anything so I decided to check up on it. I'm glad I did because they had not gotten it done yet. :mad: The stupid girl had me on hold for 10 minutes before I hung up and called back. One of her cohorts answered and said that she was calling the nurse to find out where they wanted it authorized to. What! :eek: I said she didn't have to call anyone I could have told her it's CHOC. She says yes but we have to find out where they want all the different tests done. :mad: CHOC, CHOC, CHOC!!! :mad: Why is that so hard to understand?! I said to the girl that surgery is one week from today on TUESDAY. This testing needs to be done within 72 hours of the surgery. That means MONDAY. Do they do non-emergent pre-op testing on the weekend? If they are not going to authorize CHOC then they better let me know here and now so that I can make other arrangements. She says let me get your phone number and have her call you back. OMG! You have got to be kidding me! :mad: :mad: :mad:

So then I called the surgeon's office to make sure they are talking to the right person. Guess what? The right person is out of the office today. :rolleyes: AARGH! I get it, she took a day off. That's fine but is there no one else in that office that can deal with this? So the girl who answered the phone found the original request and was going to fax it over the the medical group with a note that it is an urgent second request. The right person will have a note to call me first thing in the morning but "she gets really busy so... you know she gets in at 9:00 so if you haven't heard from her call her at 9:05, OK?"

OK I know they're human but do they have to be stupid, too (medical group, not surgeon's office)? I'm so irritated right now that I could strangle somebody. And to top it off, I have to spend my lunch hour driving my 15-yo's Algebra book (that should have been turned in in May) to her school so that they will release her to register online. :rolleyes:

What a pain!!! And while I handle all this from work, DH gets to hang out at the mall while he waits for DD to get out of ballet. And he keeps calling me asking about cell phone covers and "what kind of candy do the kids like?" Must be nice. :rolleyes: Thanks for letting me vent.