Afib and surgery. Help answer my questions please.

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Oct 29, 2019
Ok so this will be a long post sorry for that. So I have a mechanical aortic valve. I am supposed to have surgery on my ear to remove a cyst inside my ear drum. The surgery is scheduled for August 3rd. I am supposed to bridge over from Coumadin to lovenox injections starting Friday. Well last Thursday my heart decided it wanted to go into Afib. I have talked to a Electrophysiology at the Cleveland Clinic about a conversion. Well my Electrophysiology is on vacation for 2 weeks and the other Dr pretty much refuses to to this. He said just continue to take Diltiazam. That was given to me at the ER while I was on vacation. He was going to give me some anti arrhythmia drug but he said to just wait until after Surgery. I had a conversion two years ago and it worked until now. Hold on it gets better. My ear Dr has been waiting to hear back from my cardiologist since July 6th, that's a whole different story. I am scheduled for a paravalvular repair on August 16th at UAB. I can't get any answers from any hospital or DR. Cleveland Clinic is supposed to be the best but yet My cardiologist and my Electrophysiologist have both failed me at this point. UAB is supposed to be one for the best also but they have failed me as well. So basically my options are. Goto ER at Cleveland and get admitted. I was told that by the nurse. Or go ahead and have ear surgery on Wednesday then deal with the fib. UAB is pretty much useless as I am still waiting for a call back. Has anyone had surgery while in AFIB? Should I try and get it converted before surgery? I know this post is about as confusing as my life right now and I really do not know what to do. Any advise or personal experiences would be greatly appreciated.