1st Anniversary Check-up today

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YIPPEEEE!!!! I'm glad that everything is going so well for you.

I didn't realize how close our surgeries were. I celebrate my one-year anniversary Oct. 3 of my mitral valve repair. I just saw my cardio this month and he says that my heart sounds great. I will visit my surgeon the 20th for my year-end visit and he will decide then what to do about the broken wires. My guess is that he will leave them alone in light of the CML.

I'm sorry that your scar is giving you so much trouble. Mine doesn't itch very often now, but perhaps it is just that the mastecomy scar has taken precedence! It itches like CRAZY!!!!! My heart scar is actually looking better every day!

Take care,


Way to go, Ben!

Way to go, Ben!

Like hensylee I have white coat syndrome and my BP readings end up in the upper deck somewhere.

Super congratulations on your one year check-up results!

Questions for you and fellow vr.com'ers:

1. What's a Keloid scar? How can I find out what kind of "zipper" I had installed (my surgical report?). Just how many types of scars are there? Mine doesn't itch that much, but it's been 17 months (exactly, come 9/17/01).

2. What BP machines do most use? I have an Omron digital HEM-711 that I spent almost a $100 bucks for. Please post some of your readings, so Ben and I can compare.

I've basically submitted to the fact that my clinic and doc office readings will always be higher due to whitecoat syndrome.

I'm looking forward to meeting you in Nashville.



God Bless America!


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Keloid scars are, basically, a genetic disposition for your body to continually create additional scar tissue. Or to have thicker, bigger scars.
Mine is thick and wide, the bottom of my scar is just over 1/2" wide and sticks out about 1/4".
Most people who have had OHS have scars that shrink to almost invisible after a period of time. Normally visible when they have a tan. I am just luckey I guess. lol

I can't remember what brand my BP kit is, actually I am having trouble finding it in the course of the multiple moves my family and I are going through waiting on the house to be finished.
But, as soon as I find it I will post some of my readings for you.

Take care...see ya in Nashville.

God Bless this great Country and our leaders

Ben Smith