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  • hiya mate glad to hear your doin great,wow 2yrs it nearly 4 for me,nope still got my middle life crisis car lol, boy do i love driving the beast ha ha, just the petrol is a bummer 16 to the gallon :-(
    dean will you stop sending messages to yourself lol, it must be that footie team of yours driving you mad lol
    it sure does , cant remember the name now did join and had a look in seemed to be run by members from here including ross , i got it originally from an email sent by the owner of this forum hank
    after writing all that found it in my old emails LOL HeartValvePatients.org
    hi dean yea doing fine mate, glad you are to, one year hey soon passes,yea have heard about another forum but havnt really bothered with it,
    hiya dean...am just watching semi final world cup,pity no england,i had a great time in france posted sum pics on the forums,car went really well,apart from the price of petrol over there lol..
    hi dean glad your doing well,yearly cricky i was discharged and no echos since,might look into that,well we are driving to a place near cannes,been there before and its great,so really looking forward to it,yea speed cops are bad in france so defo will be looking out,devon sounds good,we go to cornwall a lot,newquay, in my younger days i used to surf a lot ,but stick to bodyboarding now lol,yea i will be watching the spurs match 2morrow, hope there win for you
    Hi Neil
    echo`s are now yearly now they have already given me the next date already booked for 7th april next year, we drove to Euro disney two years ago found the toll roads worth paying for ,practically empty probably because there not cheap LOL and watch out for the cops sitting on the sides with speed guns pointing at you!
    after last year with all the worry i put myself through , i am looking forward to getting away this year,we have a holiday cottage in Devon the village of star cross over looking the exe estuary i can lay in bed and watch the boats go by ,last year it was when i was on th exe in my rib doing a bit of mackeral fishing trying to forget .i got a call from my duaghter saying my date had come through from papworth, glad thats all behind me now can even enjoy watching the spurs now !!
    i am told the south of france is really nice . where are you staying ?
    hiya dean...glad your doing ok,how often do you have an echo?,yea the car is nice driving to south of france in june,you going away this year?
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