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As you all know the valve choice is a very difficult decision. After much thought and research-most information was found here, thank you- I have decided to go with the St. Jude's Toronto SPV stentless porcine valve. The valve I hope to be receiving is part of a clinical study. It is the standard SPV with an anticalcification coating known as BiLynx. In a clinical study the hospital shared with me the valve and its coating seem promising. What I also found from the study is that Biocor and Medtronics are working very hard on treating their valves to resist calcification and improve durability. It's not really in my nature to be a guinea pig but this really does seem to be the right choice for me. It is also ironic that someone like me who is sweating the first surgery so much would make a choice that gurantees a second. In that respect I'm putting some faith in technology and my surgeon who assured me he can fix me up just as easily the second time as the first. All of this does not mean that I will definitely end up with valve I chose. I am a very big guy and the SPV only goes up to 29mm. There is a very real chance that I will wake up ticking anyway and I'm fine with that too. I sure I won't miss the thought of a guranteed second surgery. What this all boils down to is what the doc told me and what I've learned here on this great site-THERE IS NO BAD CHOICE.(i know, big talk from a guy who can't talk to his relatives about this without crying) Thanks again to everyone on this site for your insight and support, it has been a Godsend.
Hi Getz-

It's good to have your selection under your belt. It's half the battle. Soon you'll be out of surgery and into the recovery period.

Best wishes.:)
we'll be twins

we'll be twins

Hi Getz
We'll be twins..I got theSt Judes Toronto Stentless Pocine in September. Its funny though..the reason they used that particular valve (we had discussed before surgery..no mechanical valve if possible) was dur to the fact that the surgeon found he needed a very small valve for the opening that I had...Hmmmm go figure!!
I grt to see my cardio on Thurs and they will do a echo and see how things are going..I still have a mitral valve that bears watching..I hope that it continues to stay at the moderate level...wouldn't want to have surgery again for a very long time!!
There are no wronf valve choices!! You will do great whatever valve you end up with!!Its a relief to get a decision made though..isn't it..one less thing on your mind. Keep in touch!!