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Kevin M

Unfortunately, I've had to deal with some personal stuff that will not allow me the time over the next few months to complete the valve selection information project I was working on or hang out here much.

I would be happy to send to interested party, the information I have compiled to date.

Email me a request if you are interested.
Kevin, could you send me some of your research. I had a carpentier-edwards valve put in a yr ago that is now leaking very badly and needs replacement. So you know of thing like this happening? This was suppossed to last at least 10 yrs.
Thanks Maureen.
Kevin, you will be keenly missed, but please say hello now and then to let us know how you are doing. Your participation has meant so much to so many and am sure you will never know about them, but they are there and you touched them (and me, too). God bless