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Art O Ceitinn

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Aug 6, 2013
Neuilly Plaisance
I have an appointment with an anesthesiologist Friday 8th for a TEE test scheduled for the following Monday. Do I need to reduce my anticoagulants medication ? My INR was 2.8 today.
I’ve scheduled a TEE in January. I’ve been told to test 48 hours beforehand and it can’t be above 3.5. They might not take my word for it and I might need to go to a lab. A nurse will get in touch with me about that. ( Even though I self test and report to a Cedars Coumadin pharmacist weekly, but there’s nothing on the meter results that says it’s me)!
You should contact the ordering doctors office. Mine initially wanted me to stop warfarin ahead of the test, but I said I’m in chronic a-fib so I’m to use the above instructions.
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