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I will ask my cardiologist about Warfsrins association with arthritis as I have mild arthritis in my hips. 50 years of weightlifting and intense athletic activity may have contributed to joint wear and tear.
It would be interesting to see what the doctor says. Regarding osteoarthritis, I believe there was a paradigm change in the last decade or so. It was thought of as "wear and tear" decease previously. And a trauma can still lead you to it. But more recently a low-grade inflammation was found to be a very significant factor.

I would advise everyone to avoid obsessing with research on longevity statistics as they can be concerning and unnecessarily stressful, particularly when you have a family who depend on you.
But... it pleases me :) More seriously, I view the normal or near-normal longevity afforded by many types of heart surgeries, in combination with very low risk, as a true triumph of modern medicine. It's really, really impressive!

After 4 months in the hospital in 2008 and research, I know more about the heart then I ever cared to know in the past. I have 4 nurses and a Director of Cardiology in my extended family, so besides this forum I have loved ones for guidance.
I think you are lucky to have such a wealth of in-family knowledge. Can relate to a huge increase in heart-related knowledge and awareness due to having to go through the surgery.

Thanks for your post.
Vitamin K1 plays a significant role in INR stability, so it's wise to track its intake closely. Personally, I opt for natural supplements and keep an eye on how they might interact with medications. I've found that resources like Pellicle's blog can be insightful, although a search function would make it even easier. As for low Vitamin K1 diets, some folks manage by carefully planning meals to balance their intake. It's always best to consult with a healthcare professional for tailored guidance. If you're interested, here's a resource I've found helpful:
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