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Aug 9, 2001
Honolulu Hawaii
I have a question for you guys. What is the difference between stented or stentless porcine Valves?????? I decided that I am getting a tissue valve because I am 23, I am too active, and in 15 years, they will have something new and better than coumadin. I am NOT losing my hair for a cloverleaf!

They figured coumadin when cows ate it, and they would die because their blood would be just like water. SOOOO... I am going tissue this time, maybe mechanical next time. I am not a vegetarian, I don't care about the cows, I just don't want the side effects. I am scatterbrained, I forget things too. Like meds... I take them, with reminders. I just wanted to know what the difference between stented and stentless is. Take it easy!
Hi Joy,

Sorry I can't answer your question. I'm sure someone will come along that can. Have you considered a homograph? That's what I had put in. Didn't want to deal with coumadin or the ticking. Just need to take a baby aspinin a day. martha
My surgeon doesn't do homographs. He said they are too hard to put in, and they are only being researched. I have been the research person for enough crap that I just want this one done and over with. I am having a bovine stentless tissue valve so I won't have the ticking anyways, or the coumadin. My hospital is # 12 in the nation!
Hi Joy,

I'm glad you have decided on what type of valve you want. Yes, the homograph is a harder valve to put in. I just noticed that yours is a mitral. They are not doing mitral homographs as of yet. Mine was a aortic, easier valve to get to. Glad you are going to a good hospital. I went to duke and they are listed as number 6. It is a good feeling when your hospital is up on the latest. Good luck! martha
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To stent or not to stent

To stent or not to stent

Hi Joy - Glad for you that things are settled.

I have been waiting for someone else to answer your question about the difference between stented and stentless. There are so many on this forum who are good at technical explanations. Not me, I?m afraid. However, the way my surgeon described it to me was that for many years valves have been put in a frame (stented) and the frame stitched to the outlet where the original valve has been. But for the past 10 years or so the valves have been produced without a frame around them (stentless), which means they are not rigid, so they move with your own natural walls, and there are less stress areas than in the stented valves, which could rupture from rigid areas. Because the stentless valves are flexible it is believed this shouldn?t happen.

All the best

For the vast majority of people the ticking of a mechanical valve and Coumadin is not a problem. I had a mechanical installed in 1988 and I do not hear the ticking, but in a very quiet room people very very close to me may hear it. I have had to adjust my Coumadin doseage temporarily for one day only 3 times during the 13 years. Although I bruise more easily, there is no excessive bleeding when I sustain a cut. The bleeding is easily controlled with pressure. I think it is a mistake to make a decision based soley on ticking or Coumadin. Other factors should be given much greater weight. Additionally, there are new types of blood thinners now being tested that do not have some of the downside of Coumadin such as monthly blood checks and avoiding green vegetables.
Ticking? Checking PT?

Ticking? Checking PT?

Herb, I think you are right on with your comments. I have a St. Jude bileaflet mechanical installed almost three years ago. I may be getting deaf but I can't hear it at all anymore and what's more important neither can my wife. As for the coumadin checks, I actually find managing the dose an interesting thing to do. I have a Coaguchek and may test twice a week or once a month. My call.
I also regulate my own dose which makes my doctor very happy. Heck, he's a busy guy.
My choice is strictly based on the side effects, and the advise of my surgeon. I have the type of life that is more active than most. I really wouldn't mind the ticking, but the thanks. Well, Thanks for the advise and support. I am having surgery tomorrow, so wish me luck! Joy

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