Staying the Course -- 11/05/2018

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Apr 21, 2005
Coastal Carolina
Well, we're on the fast track now, post-Halloween. Lots of holidays built around feasting. I am making a vow of moderation. Enjoy, but don't over-do.

Starting tonight by fasting -- but not a regular thing -- it's for bloodwork in the morning, preliminary to doctor checkup. Got GP and cardio slated before year's end.

Still in a quandary as to what to do with open enrollment --- Pay huge premiums now to be well covered if you need it, or get relief from huge premiums but just pray you and/or your wife don't wind up in hospital with big bills to pay out of pocket.

Exercise class fun toay, followed by dog walk -- plenty of exercise.

Well, sorry don't have more to share at moment, but sending all good wishes for the new week.

Stay the Course!



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Oct 7, 2016
Hi SB! Nice reminders to all of us trying to stay the course through up coming holidays.

I have not really gone through all my enrollment options yet. Looks like my policy from this last year would be about the same amount of coverage (very little except catastrophic) for 200 more a month and probably has higher deductible -copay. Haven't looked at meds yet. Oh well ......

I am hotel exercising this week as we travel south to stay the winter. Going to sell the place down there and trade it for a snow suit. lol

I have not traveled well this time. My meds and timing get all off kilter it seems, except Warfarin. I make certain to make that top priority. Others are spread out so much and some irritate stomach. Stayed at over 8000 feet last night and had shortness of breath this morning, followed by nausea for couple hours. NOT my idea of a fun trip. Guess it is time to forget about traveling and start looking forward to medicare. depressing is that!

Now that I have brought debbie downer to this supposedly support thread, I shall close and hope all are doing fine and keeping that course!

It is time to grab those big girl panties and pull them up. See ya next week with a much better attitude.


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Jul 11, 2016
Southern California USA
Surviving the change back to normal time. I'm waking up at 4 AM. Should go back to normal in a week.
Looks like I'm consistently weighing in at 183 lbs, down from around 188. Still trying to get closer to 175 and this isn't the time of year to do that. My surgery weight was 177 and that was 6 years ago.
Our house has been torn apart the last week+ with my wife getting tile installed in most of the house. She had our 4 bedrooms and living room done and now we are having the rest done. It's the tile that looks like planks of wood. We're also having the fireplace upgraded and refaced. It looks totally different.
Walking/running totals this year just passed 450 miles. I might make 550 miles this year.
Our dog is injured and can't run. She wouldn't put weight on her left rear leg and the vet thinks she pulled a muscle. She's good to walk but not running. Funny, she's depressed just like a human athlete would be.
Stay the course!


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Jun 20, 2015
Outside Houston, Texas.
jointer, my sister in law had altitude sickness so back while visiting Denver that she ended up in the ER with what she thought was a heart issue. Very bad time for her. Sorry you’re dealing with this.
Martin, you are right about this being a bad time of the year for weight-watching. I’m up a couple of lbs. Hope your fur baby gets well soon.
Ive had my truck in the shop this week. Thought it was my transmission. It was the central bearing on my drive shaft and the whole shaft had to be replaced. Not cheap, but not as bad as replacing the trans. Got it back today so I’m happy.
Cold weather hit Houston last night. In the 50s now with a freeze predicted for Wednesday. I’m loving the change from heat and humidity.
SB, I had to make benefit selections during open enrollment this week. My selections will run me about $250/month. I also will contribute $250/month to my HSA. Tough decision for me too; big chunk of change going out because I took extras here and there, but I’m glad I have the option to do that.
Have a safe weekend all!

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