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Thanks everyone for your responses and sharing your experience. I do think that the feelings of shortness of breath was mostly in my head because it started after I found out my heart was worse and surgery was getting closer , but it's went away at this point . I can still exercise with good intensity and I can tackle stairs and longer fast paced walks without feeling winded .

I am taking everyone's advice to push to have the surgery soon but I'm in a weird situation where I need a non related procedure that has high bleeding risk so it's something I'd like to tackle before I most likely end up on anti-coagulants.

Unfortunately this particular surgeon I'm working with is having a hard time getting all my records from last doctors and I'm getting concerned that I may have to have the valve replaced before I can tackle this other procedure including the 3 -4 week recovery time .

Does anyone have experience with having major surgery with high bleeding risk on warfarin ? Are you able to come off of warfarin for 3-5 days for a procedure ?
Shortness of breath is not in your head. It is a real condition that needs to be told to your heart doctor and surgeon. And so sad that your surgeon is have a hard time getting your medical records. You can go to the hospital that the has your medical records and get your copy of what is needed. Good luck.

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