Question about genetic testing!

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Yeah it’s crazy on Reddit haha.
yep ... would you want your mindset to be closer to medical professionals and researchers or "kiddiez" and "shltposters"

of course you can find some good opinions there (my view is about 2%) but aside from the "filtration" issue you will find that it winds up your anxiety (or in my case my anger, because I hate shltposts as answers to serious questions).

I am OCD and I've made a career out of that (software engineer and database administrator), I fully support (guided) OCD ... anxiety on the other hand I have no time for. Anxiety does not even warrant being called an attribute of your character; anxiety is simply a destructive force that is an outcome of a failure to take command of it. Its like a messy house isn't a sign of well lived in, its a sign of a lack of discipline.

Anxiety is real, just like 2 weeks of washing up in the sink is real; but it is not a characteristic, its a symptom. The longer you foster it the worse it will be for you.


They say that honey attracts more flies than vinegar, but you know, I've always said that bullshlt attracts even more. I'm not a bullshltter, I'm a firm believer in "the truth".

I've never seen anyone who attributes their success to "anxiety" ... or write a book celebrating how its helped them.

Conquer it.

Best Wishes
I saw Invitae - but also see they’re now filing for chapter 11 - would that persuade your decision in anyway? If not, gonna order today
I didn’t realize that. Filled chapter 11 last month. I can’t find anything that shows they have stopped testing will going through bankruptcy. But it’s probably a matter of time unless they get purchased.

I did find another company who is part of Exact Science. They have been around for a while and they provide Cologuard testing for colon cancer. I’m sure you have seen the commercials 😂😂


When I have more time I will look at the actual gene mutations and see how they compare to Invitae.

EDIT: Prevention Genetics test for 17 known gene mutations. Invitae tests for the same 17 plus 17 additional gene mutations
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