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I had five kids after having my valve replaced and going on warfarin. But my wife did all the hard work. 😂

But seriously, congratulations on the new baby and best wishes as you adjust both your health and your home!
Anyone here who had a pregnancy on mechanical valve? Any experience?

I had a pregnancy in 2014 and had a 28 year old St Jude valve at the time. I had to inject twice daily with tinzaparin from a few days after my positive test (4 weeks) until about 4 weeks after baby born. Had appointments with consultant at RVI in Newcastle at 4 weeks, 8 weeks, 12 weeks, 17 weeks then after my 20 week scan I was pretty much there fortnightly for blood checks etc. Meant that we got loads of scan pics.

Baby boy born at 38 weeks by elective c section weighing 8lb 8oz. Did have a blood clot in wound 3 days later which required a trip back to theatre. But then discharged 4 days after that-had a temperature following this but couldn’t find an infection so once blood under control I was allowed to go.

Now have a wonderful 6 year old son. I am going to be having my mechanical aortic valve replaced soon but I did get it originally at 3 years old so after 34 years and growing into an adult and having this pregnancy it’s done me well.

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