Post-Surgical Sinus Tachycardia

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WOW! You must of missed "In the meantime, I’ve been on Lovenox injections 1x daily (same time as my warfarin dose) until I am back in therapeutic range (>2.0 per the On-X post surgical guidelines). They feel confident that with the Lovenox I will avoid the risk of a clot while getting in range."
I’ll take some of the flack here!

I think Pellicle is frustrated because he has offered many times to go over the INR management spreadsheet with me. I have been busy with a wife and 2-month old newborn and will be the first to admit I haven’t made the time. I am planning on talking with him today- but I do empathize and understand him wanting to help and viewing my lack of decisiveness as not managing it properly.

I am 100% adherent to my ordered dose and Lovenox shots, at the same time, daily and am organized. I am confident that once it gets in range in time, I will have no issues managing it well and effectively with both the spreadsheet help and the add vice of my clinic assuming they make good judgement based on my level (see; also using spreadsheet to verify and double check doses).

Anyway, the good news is, I am on Lovenox until it’s above 2, which is giving me comfort and I realize these things take time being only 2-weeks post-op. So I’m trying not to ‘panic’ about the 1.4 level when I am discussing with my clinic. They are receptive to my suggestion to increase the dose to 8mg daily until Friday instead of the 1 time 8mg bolus and then 6mg daily thereafter. So hopefully we can work together to get it up.

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