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Jan 17, 2009
Portland, Oregon
Finally home and finally understand, deep inside, about 'The Mountain.'

The time in the hospital was difficult. Nothing that anyone hasn't heard before, but, problems with rest, lots and lots of pain, and all the things that make me leave a hospital swearing to reform my ways so that never again shall I set foot in there.

I'm getting more rest and my body appears to be getting through it all okay. There's a lot to adjust to. New sensations, concerns about how the incision feels, curiosity about how the valve itself sounds, etc. But over all I am feeling MUCH better and continue to make noticeable improvements every day.

I must thank the great list of those who gave me support through this forum. You see, I don't have anyone else around, no one to 'go through this with' so to speak, so it was very moving to me to see the many well wishers and hear that I was in their prayers right before this event. You guys are the best!

Finally, a humorous story to relay:

Went back to the hospital today for first check-up. Friend drops me off at the downstairs parking level and goes to park. Unthinkingly I head to the stairwell as always. Only two floors to the main level. I was halfway up before I realized what I had done.

There I was, winded and stranded on the landing. I felt so stupid! No way I could go up, if I went backward then I my friend would never find me. So, I stood there, in the stairwell, smiling and nodding to people twenty years older than I as _they_ effortlessly trotted on up the stairs. After fifteen minutes I finally made it to the main level! Dang, there's much to learn!

Take care all!
You are God's best
Congratulations on making it through - well done! Rest up and recover. (But keep up the walking as well, of course)

I'm so glad to read that you're home and able to send a shoutout!

Regarding the stairs, I understand. I had an "encounter" with a full gallon of milk the first morning I was home. I had been warned not to life anything heavier than 5 pounds but didn't give it a thought when I pulled the jug of milk out of the refrigerator. I immediately realized I had made a mistake, it was nearer to 8 pounds, but couldn't do anything but put it on the counter.
And yes, rather than getting my husband, I chose to lift it and put it back in the refrigerator.:eek: I'll know better next time around!;)

Once again, welcome back.:)
Glad you are home- take good care of yourself and keep us informed.
Welcome Home:D Glad to hear that you made it over the mountain. Now remember to rest, walk, eat and sleep. I fully understand about the stairs. While I was still in the hospital, I was feeling great so when the PT person came for one of my walks, she asked if I wanted to try the stairs. I said sure. So up and down I went about 5 times on those little stairs and lo and behold, they had to help me back to bed and put me back on oxygen:eek:. So keep in mind to take it slow.
Welcome home pdx-guy. Good to hear from you, we've been waiting for this post! Let me know if you need help, a ride to a DR. appt., maybe a trip to a grocery store? I'm not that far away.

Good to see your post! :D

Take care and keep writing. We're often just as useful after surgery as before!

Best wishes.

It's good you made it home and weren't stranded on the landing.
Try not to overdo things you will be tempted to overdo being on your own. But if you do have to cheat with heavy objects, it helps to keep your upper arm clamped to your side so that your forearm does most of the the work. I think I read that here;).
Take care.
Good to hear from you. Welcome Home. So happy all seems to be going well for you now. Don't over do it. Let us know how your recovery progresses. :)
Whew! I bet you are relieved that it's over & that you're back home again! No place quiet like home!

I wish you a continued good recovery.....take things nice & slow & don't despair if you can't do too much real quick. It takes time for the body to heal so hang in there.

Stay well! :)

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