Pain under left shoulder blade. How long?

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I'm 3 1/2 months out of surgery to repair thoriac aortic aneurysm. My sternum/scar area, is relatively pain free, unless I strain or touch. Understandable. I'm still having to take pain meds to control the pain in my upper back. with intentsity of pain coming and going. I'd like to ask the folks in this forum if they have experienced such pain and how long it lasted in their case.


Are you doing something that would bring this pain on? Like, driving, lifting wet clothes out of washer. unloading dishwasher.?Takes a long time for all the cells, muscles to heal in your back..Bonnie
Pain not always the result of activity.

Pain not always the result of activity.

The pain can, at times, become worse with activity,and it definitley becomes worse as the day goes on, but there seems to be no rhyme or reason. I was pain free, when I first woke up this morning, as I lay in bed and collected myself, took inventory of all my parts :) I got up, made a cup of tea and its now about an hour later and the pain is getting worse. No great activity, other than checking my email, etc.I'd really like to give my Dr. a good description of this pain, when,how often, etc. ,so I'm paying close attention to the pain progression. My next appt. is in just a few day.
CeCe, it sounds like your pain should be checked out.

I've had pains that could definitely be ascribed to the fact that during surgery my shoulder blades were pulled together behind my back so they could get at my heart. My most recurring pain usually happens in bed, and I find great relief in putting my right arm forward and laying on top of it. But this pain has never been intense, just a dull ache.
Shoulder pain

Shoulder pain

hi Cece ..I had my surgery over 18 months ago and had really bad shoulder pain for months and months after the surgery first I thought it would disappear ...but it didn't ..I went to the Dr who said I had a frozen shoulder ...and I went to physio ..the exercises she gave me did help a little.
My pain was worse if I got tired ..the back and shoulders would start to ache and I'd just want to go home ...even yet ..if I am out late ...maybe at a party ..the ache will suddenly come on and I know that it is time for me to go home ...It can be frustrating for me as I can be having a great time when suddenly the ache comes on ...I feel that it should be gone ...however I wish you all the best with your pain ...
I had no real pain post op, but I was just generally stiff and tight. At about 3 months I went and had a nice massage, and two weeks later had a second one. Perhaps something like that might help you as well.

I had a lot of pain after my surgery. It was in my back, shoulder blades, arms and neck. My cardiologist did not seem concerned and neither did the nurses in cardiac rehab. I understand that many people experience these pains because of the way yu are positioned during surgery. You are positioned on the table so that your shoulder blades and elbows touch. (OUCH :eek: ) I also had a pacemaker with a giant hemotoma and that really restricted the use of my left arm.

I couldn't stand it any more and went to my GP in November and he sent me to Physical Therapy. I was treated for back and neck pain. The day that I was discharged from therapy I started feeling pain in my left shoulder. I went back to the GP about 5 weeks later and he sent me back to PT. I was diagnosed as having a frozen shoulder and have been in therapy for it for almost 3 months. I'm happy to say that I'm doing much better.
*raises eyebrow*

I'm quite interested in this...not for me, but for Dad.

As some of you may remember, he had carotid artery surgery about a month or so ago. Since he has returned home, he has had a sharp (that's putting it mildly) pain in the back portion of his right shoulder blade (they cleaned out the right carotid artery...planning to do the left one once they get the pain controlled). He had a cortizone shot about a week ago, which didn't exactly help. Now, he is seeing a chiropractor. The surgeon and his primary care physician seem to be spellbound by the pain....

Dad is very frustrated because he can't do much since the pain hits at the most inopportune times. He is getting a taste of what it feels like to not be able to drive for a while :(.

We are all hoping that the pain will ease he can get back to some "normal" routine stuff before they do the left carotid artery....

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