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Aug 18, 2021
United States
Not that anyone follows my case but to share experiences which may benefit others:
  • I had valve replaced in 2021. After I regained my faculties compromised during the process I had a chance to measure how I felt. I still had and currently have the original symptoms which lead me to see the doctor in the first place.
  • My medical team left (cardiologist retired, PCP left area). I had presented the lingering symptoms to them as well as the heart surgeon. No one recognized or indicated they had any idea what was going on. According to tests and exams my heart was fine. The heart people directed me to the PCP who was clueless and who seemingly planned on throwing parts at the car like a mechanic with no idea why something is happening. The PCP was to take over for the retired cardiologist. I was not assigned a replacement.
  • I was not due for anything and did not have any medical activity in 2022. I figured time and adjustments I could make to my lifestyle may provide some new data. I also was not in a hurry to spend more money. I am still paying for 2021.
  • This year (2023) I was up for many things and met the replacement PCP for the first time. She is amazing. She immediately had ideas when presented with my symptoms. She made a list of possibilities to explore. She seemed to have plenty of knowledge of the heart but she had a new cardiologist assigned to me.
  • I met the new cardiologist last week. He is also amazing.
  • These two new doctors immediately had ideas when I described what I have been experiencing. The cardiologist immediately recognized how the symptoms did not match how they would be if it were heart related. One symptom: When this kicks in I feel like I can sense the blood flow stopping and restarting through my legs. But he said there would be severe pain and discoloration if it were blood flow. He said it sounds nerve related.
  • I am currently wearing a ZIO XT patch. No one had ever said this to me before but the new PCP said the EKG she took during my physical did not show AFib yet a tech performing a stress test had said AFib was present in all of the EKG's in my medical records. The new PCP ended up taking three EKG's that day and none showed AFib. I had never heard of PAF and the concept of intermittent AFib which is what the new PCP suspects I have. The cardiologist suspects that I may be going into AFib when I experience these symptoms randomly. That is not to say he suspects AFib is responsible for all of it. It is just one thing that may be changing at the time I experience the symptoms.
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