Not a fun Christmas

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Mr V Supporter
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Oct 19, 2021
I had the delight of coming down with a bad case of pneumonia before Christmas. Went to the ER on Thursday week before and the sent my home with antibiotics. Things got worse so went back Saturday before and they admitted me. The antibiotics did not seem to be helping so they added a heavy course of steroids. Got to get visits from all the specialties. Internal, infectious disease and pulmonary. They were all stumped as to why it got so bad and didn't seem to respond to the drugs. I think they gave me every test they could. They did an echo in my room just to be safe I think. After all the tests the only thing that came up positive was the common cold virus. 10 days I finally got to go home. Still using oxygen at night but hopefully that will be done next week. Take care of yourselves everyone.
Oh my! So sorry to hear about it. Hope you'll be okay in no time. Please take care of yourself.

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