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Aug 7, 2008
Southern California
After my surgery when I started taking warfarin I noticed I burnt myself easily while cooking or even making Turkish coffee. And now with age any little burn hurts a lot!
With MEBO, If you cover the burnt area right away, the burn will disappear in a day or two!
Thanks to my nephew who introduced me to MEBO which he used to bring to me from UAE, and thanks to Amazon IMG_4837.jpeg where I can buy it from now.
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The active ingredient, Beta Sitosterol, is commonly used in OTC prostate pills. It's in Saw Palmetto. Some companies sell it in capsules (maybe tablets) without other stuff.

It's interesting that it's in an ointment, and that you apparently have to get it from the UAE (United Arab Emirates).

I haven't checked to see if an ointment - like this one (or THIS ointment) - is available elsewhere.
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