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Kevin M

I'm finding in my travels that I have a notable lack of research on certain valve types and procedures for this info piece we are working on.

If anyone has any generic or specific information about DVR, MVR or combined VR/Coronary Bypass could they please email it to me?

Surprisingly, there isn't all that much info on the CE Pericardial out there either (in comparison to the volumes on the others). The Edwards (manufacturer) site is useless. Part of this may be because I'm a little confused about something. I've seen references to the CEP valve suggesting it is a stented valve. I've seen others saying CEP is stentless. I've got some data on CEP, but I don't know if it's the stentless or stented version. Can anyone clarify?

I appreciate any information you can send my way.
Hi Kevin-

I did a Google search on CEP, then after those came up I did another search "within the results" for valve and another search "within results" for heart. Quite a bit came up.

The search within the results window is at the bottom of the original search pages on the Google site.

Hope this helps.
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