How long to wait for heart surgery after COVID ?

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sarashreen Supporter
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May 28, 2015
If infected with covid-19 and had mild symptoms, anyone know how long to wait for heart surgery ? If the symptoms are gone and test result is negative, does it mean its good to go for surgery or any wait time there?
I don't know I was in the boat of how long after heart surgery to get covid lol. I got mit about 4 weeks after surgery.
Dick's got it right. It all depends upon how bad your heart is and how bad your Covid is.
Had a discussion with surgeon’s office. They recommended to postpone the surgery six weeks. I am feeling okay overall but the main symptom is cough. The decision was to postpone the surgery to make sure that the cough has subsided completely & I am stronger after Covid.

Below article discuss about the time of surgery after Covid infection.
Thanks everyone for the response. My cardiologist also recommended to wait six weeks for surgery after covid to subside the pneumonia in lungs. This will make the lungs clear before surgery