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had a carotid by-pass? And subclavien bypass? I had this done at the beginning of the month, have had difficulties with swallowing for a very long time, I was hoping this by-pass would help....though the pain of chewing (claudication) isnt as severe ..I still find myself nearly choking on nearly anything :eek: .
Im scared to death to eat alone(cant hemleich myself..lol)
Has anyone had this? Love Yaps
yes, you can hemleich yourself. Bend your diaphragm over a chair and push hard. Mother used to choke a lot because of hiatal hernia. I didn't know carotid could cause choking, too. What sorts of symptoms did you have?
Pain, can hear pulse

Pain, can hear pulse

when I would turn my head ..lol..nearly black out, messes with vision and constant headaches. The jaw claudication may have more to do with the swallowing problem, not sure. I really dont want to bring it up to my cardio..Ive enough with the surgeries and angio's..but now since the by-pass part of my face is numb..surgeons said some nerves were sliced and diced....but I still hve trouble swallowing. It truly is scary when it happens. Im scared to eat certain foods unless some one is here. :eek:
I am so sorry to hear this. It must be really scary for you. I cannot even imagine it. I asked because I have a hiatal hernia and sometimes stuff makes my throat lumpy inside. Nerves, certain foods. Thanks for answering my question. Be careful.