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Sep 23, 2003
near Fort Worth TX
Happened to catch the very last few minutes of a Discovery Health program this morning about monitoring anticoagulation. It's part of a CME series for physicians and other health-care providers. They can register, watch the clips, then take an online test and get credit.

Couldn't access the site at home because we have dial-up :mad:. Kept getting booted off. We're in Dallas today visiting my parents who have DSL, so I brought my laptop.

The program is wonderful!!!! I highly recommend that each person here who is on warfarin watch it. The program is extremely supportive of home testing (FYI: Roche, which makes CoaguChek, is involved in this program, if my memory serves me right.). In fact, there are 2 home-testers interviewed for the program.

The program addresses POC (point of care instruments, i.e., finger-stick monitors) and the 3 MDs interviewed hold them to be as reliable to lab draws. This is one reason some doctors bring up as why they won't agree to patients using home testers.

I highly urge that everyone tell their doctors about this program and ask that they watch it. (It's possible that not all states would grant the CME credit, but holding the carrot out there of being able to get credit for watching this might persuade some medical professionals to see this.)

I googled Discovery Health and CME to get the link to the program. I believe that credit will be given through sometime in 2009 for this.

I'd like to download a copy of this, but haven't figured that out yet. My Ph.D. candidate nephew is on his way to glue the U key back on my keyboard, so I'll ask him.

BTW, the program is in 4 clips. First one is 15 minutes, 2nd is 10 minutes, don't recall how long each of the other two are.

Link to the program:
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