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Jun 10, 2001
Northwest, IL

Great new site. It will take a while to figure it out but I love figuring things out!
I want to know if when your taking Coumadin if eating yogurt is okay? I've heard varying statements regarding having too much clacium. Can anyone help me out? Before surgery, I loved having yogurt for breakfast. I'd like to go back to having it again. Thanks!


Fortunantly for me I do not like yogart. But my understanding from others that do is that as long as you eat consistantly they can adjust the coumadin to your diet rather than to try and adjust the diet to the coumadin, and of course everything in moderation.:rolleyes:
Coumadin and dairy products

Coumadin and dairy products

Hi Lorraine-

My husband Joe, has been on Coumadin for 24 years. In all that time, no one has ever said anything about dairy products. He has skim milk at every meal, and loves frozen yogurt. If there's a conflict, I think we would have known about it. No one has ever mentioned it.

The thing you have to worry about is ODing on vitamin K rich foods, dark leafy green veggies and seafood. But he even eats these on occasion, just not too often.

There might be some kind of conflict with some of your other meds. though.

Best wishes,

Nancy :)
Good Morning Lorraine -
I have been on Coumadin 12 years and did not change anything in regards to the foods I ate. I believe as Mike stated - consistancy is the key.
:p I am starting a diet (my first ever) and am very curious to see how my change in eating habits effects my INR. I have been stable for 12 years so I am hoping for little change. I'll keep you posted on how it goes.

:cool: Take Care, Tammy
Dear Tammy,
I just started on Coumadin and I'm confused about what you can and cannot eat or drink. So you do not restrict any of the foods you eat?? How about wine? Are you always on a consistant dosage?

Hope you are doing well.
Hi Lorraine,

I am on Coumadin and have yogurt twice a day. I have been on the drug for over 15 months, and have not heard any news of the yogurt being bad for me. Good question though, and I will surely ask my doctor for more detail information regarding dairy products.

Let us know if you find and new info on this topic.

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My dosage has been consistant for years, have slight variances now and then. I eat whatever I want, whenever I want, (thats why I'm trying to lose 10 - 15 pounds-LOL). I never modified my diet in any way when I started on Coumadin 12 years ago. I don't drink much wine, had a glass at a wedding I went to Friday, but again I think its about consistancy. I know several on here have a few occassional drinks and have had no problems.
Have you got your dosage stabilized yet?
The only thing my Doctor ever said to me about eating was "Don't over-do the greens." :cool:

Take Care.
Tammy :p

My advice is to get one of the little home monitors ( you like to learn things), eat what ever you wish and adjust the dose accordingly. As the others have said consistency is the way to go.
coumadin and yogurt

coumadin and yogurt

Hi Lorraine,
The only time that yogurt is not good to eat is when you are taking an antibiotic. The active yogurt culture will interfere with how the antibiotic will work. I've read that you can have it 3 hrs before taking the med or 3 hrs after but no sooner. We need to have antibiotics when we go to the dentist to have our teeth cleaned and other times like that - so you don't want to do anything that would permit bacteria to enter your bloodstream.

When I went on a diet I lost 20 lbs and needed to adjust my coumadin levels every so often until I stopped dieting. Of course, as I gained it back I had to readjust it again. LOL
Sharon -
I hope I can lose 20 pounds and maybe only gain 10 back. That will still put me ahead by 10 - hehehe.
I need to get to work on getting my home testing machine. That would be soooo helpful.
Take Care.
:) Tammy
INR almost perfect

INR almost perfect

Tammy I'm not sure if you are asking me if I am regulated. Sometimes it's hard to know who the posts are for if they are not directly addressed to someone.

My INR last week was 2.9 so he cut it down every other day. I went today and he will call me with the results and dosage change if need be. I leave tomorrow and I'm so excited.

I hope all is well with you, thanks for asking,
You must have had AVR if your doctor wants it below 2.9.
I had MVR and 2.9 would be a perfect number for me. I was at 2.6 last check and that was okay. For MVR the docs want it to be higher for some reason. 2.5 - 3.5 is the range my doctor wants me to stay in. Fairly wide range. AVR from what I've heard others say is 2.0 - 2.5. Don't quote me on that though. LOL
Good Luck.

Tammy :cool: