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Jun 10, 2001
snowy - Sharpsburg, Ga USA
Mornin, Carole - you really probably should post your story to us folks who can understand what you are saying, as most don't 'get' it. But we do. Often it helps to just unload your frustrations and you sound very frustrated and angry, with very good reasons, and nobody in the world can blame you. It is hard enough to get along in this world without somebody taking our very lives in their hands and not 'doing their homework' first so that we get the best treatment available. Please stay with us and you will learn more in here than drs can ever tell you. As a group this bunch is sooo educated and so supportive. We need you - and you need us, too. God bless:)
Hi Carole (buttoner), welcome

Hi Carole (buttoner), welcome

I second Hensylee's suggestion. Come on in and introduce yourself and fill us in on what's been happening to you, so's we can give you a proper welcome.

We love newbies and oldies also, LOL.

Love to hear your story.