Bisoprolol. Any fellow takers/sufferers ?

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I started taking both Bisoprolol and Amiodarone about three weeks ago when I was in the hospital for an ICD implant and my heart rate went wonky at over 130. I was also on an Amiodarone IV drip for 24 hours to try to control the heart rate (didn't do much) and then the doctor did a cardioversion. I've not done well on Metropolol or Atenolol in the past, so I was very skeptical that these new beta blockers would do anything but make me extremely tired and extremely dizzy. Yes, the day I got home from the hospital I tried to get out of bed to use the bathroom and was so dizzy that I fell onto my nightstand and then slid down to the floor.

But you know what? I continued to take the Bisprolol and Amiodarone as prescribed and within two weeks the fatigue and dizziness became far less noticeable. I've gone back to working out at the gym 5 days a week and my heart rate has remained in the 60 - 70 range, even when exercising (highest it got was 76 while exercising).

Bisoprolol is supposed to have fewer side effects than some of the other beta blockers. I don't know about amiodarone. In any case, I am doing much better now, I think my body has finally gotten used to these new meds.
I am now on calcium channel blockers I don't get tied anymore as when I was on beta blockers well worth the change
I couldn't handle amiodarone - it didn't seem to help my cardiac rhythm and constipated the hell out of me. I had to go to the hospital to get relief - magnesium citrate - I wish I had known about it then - a strong dose of this OTC medication would have fixed the problem in a few days.

I also couldn't tolerate Bisoprolol side effects. I'm now taking Verapamil and carvedilol - so far, so good.
how does everybody know if they've got afib
I bought a Kardiamobile 6L device and the associated monitoring app for my phone. A number of cardiologists say that it does a accurate job of classifying your heart rhythms when used correctly. It will tell you if it thinks you are in afib. I also stay in contact with my cardiologist and electrophysiologist, and they say the Kardiamobile data is useful.

I'm on Medicare, my medicaid SUCKS ($1600 a month deductible), and I don't think I can afford supplemental, and my wife doesn't want an advantage plan.
I don't know about other people's situations, and I am not an insurance expert. But: I am on original Medicare with a Part G supplemental plan. Between part B and the part G supplemental plan I pay around $300/month. This does depend on your income level. I have a few hundred $ deductable, after which everything is covered at %100. I had open heart surgery at Mayo in Sep (mitral valve repair, aortic valve replaced with a mechanical), and I never got a bill from Mayo. I consider original Medicare to be VERY good insurance. Also, original Medicare and my part G supplemental cannot drop me because of any preexisting conditions such as my heart.

Medicare Advantage plans are allowed to consider preexisting conditions if you change plans. So, for example, if you move, or if your old plan drops a Dr that you want to continue using. I am NOT an expert; I just want to ensure people consider carefully.
My Medicare is also Part G -- I pay about $300 a month, plus Medicare's monthly deductible.

Between the two, I've gotten very good care for very little money. I got a bill from a doctor last week for services I didn't want or need - because I took Farxiga for heart failure, some idiot 'hospitalist' assumed I had chronic kidney disease and sent a urologist to my room - the first time, for about a minute, the second time, for about 10 seconds. I'm sure that this crook charged Medicare for 30 minute exams.

As far as Part D - I'm now on Wellcare Value Plus (I think that's what it's called). A staggering 40 cents a month, and they cover ALL of my meds with a zero dollar co-pay. (OTOH, if I had to PAY for Inpefa, a new drug for CHF, I couldn't afford it.) The AARP part D plan cost $80 a month, and I was paying about $80 a month deductible for my meds.

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