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while I'm really happy for you rather confused by they they would not try to fix it.

I hope there is some mitigating circumstances in there that don't make your medical team out to be as bad as I'm suspecting them to be.

Life is good, enjoy it 🍻
Hello David,

I was told by my surgeon at Johns Hopkins Baltimore, MD that surgery is not done until you reach 5 cm or larger because risks of surgery out way risk of dissection until that point, I am at 4.8, was 4.3 when they found it 14 years ago
In part true; however, in the case of a bicuspid aortic valve that is being replaced surgically, if the ascending aorta is 4.5 cm or greater, then repair with, typically, a Dacron graft is indicated. There is a relationship between bicuspid aortopathy and ascending aorta aneurysm that is different from an aneurysm associated with, for example, Marfan Syndrome. I was at 4.5 and had been stable for years, but it was an easy decision for me to consent to the aorta repair when my BAV was replaced. Also, CT with contrast is a much better diagnostic tool than ultrasound for measuring. My last echo before surgery showed 5.0 cm, but the CT showed 4.5, which my doctors concluded was a more accurate reading but big enough to warrant repair.
Walking out leaving an important question unanswered isn't the sign of a tortured soul. You make it through a career and retirement is weeks away it is careless and lazy. This, if we accept that your perception of things is accurate, (appearances can be deceiving), not that we should doubt you just that there are unknowns. I had a cardiologist who was set in his ways and slacking off. He said retirement wasn't in the cards (his words) then months later the hospital announces his retirement. I didn't complain through a formal procedure but people around him were involved in correcting a sloppy error handling my case. There probably were other instances with other patients.
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