Back pain 6 months after surgery??

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Jun 28, 2006
Hi all,
It?s been a while since I have been on this site, but I figured since everyone here has great insight I would post this. I am 6 months post op (Friday!) and having back pain. The pain feels like it is in my mid back muscles. It comes and goes pretty often and when it happens it usually lasts about 5-10 minutes and feels like my muscle is spasming. Sometimes it even wakes me up in the middle of the night. I am 24 years old and consider myself to be in very good shape, so I?m wondering if it is still an after affect from the surgery.

Has anyone else had similar pain? If so, how long did it last and what do you do about it? I was expecting it right after surgery, but not lasting this long. I am going to the doctor soon for a checkup and will ask, but I just wanted to get some opinions from people that might actually have experienced it.

Thank you in advance!
Glad to see you back, but not glad it's because you have an issue.

Because back pain can be caused by just about anything, I would highly recommend you run this past your doctor.

Have you been having consistent back pain since your surgery date or is this a new development?

Either way I think it warrants a conversation with the doc. Just that the conversation may be different if this is continuing pain from the surgery vs. new pain. Continuing pain at 6 months would lead me to believe that it is surgery related and I would be discussing with the surgeon. New pain I would discuss with cardio and or orthopedist.

I agree it's best to ask your doctor about it, but I was still experiencing muscle aches in my back, shoulders, and neck at 6 months (I still do at almost 11 months but it is not as intense).

I call it an ache as it was more like feeling muscle tension than getting a "sharp" pain. I took arthristis formula Tylonol and that would help. I'd also experience the odd "crack" (like cracking your knuckles) in my back between my shoulder blades and also my left shoulder joint with some movements. Sometimes, worst case, it felt like I pulled a muscle. I would have to lie down flat on my back and laying on a hard floor seemed to provide more relief than laying on a soft bed. It probably hasn't gotten that bad since last November, and that would have been month 9 for me. I haven't asked lately, but when I did ask my GP about it, I was told it was common during recovery and no cause for alarm.

All this occurs much less frequently now, and as I mentioned not nearly as intense. I haven't needed a Tylonol in weeks so it does seem to get better with time and patience.
Sorry to hear about your back pain.
This is something that I have struggled with since my surgery 1 1/2 years ago. I never had upper back pain until after my surgery, and I seem to only get it at night. My pain sounds similar to yours in that, it wakes me at night, almost like a muscle spasam. Its a pressure type of pain that makes me short of breath. This is something I plan on bringing up at my next doc apt.
Sorry I dont have any advise, just that it still happens with me. Definitly bring it up at your next apt.
Good luck
Every once in awhile we discuss the gross part of the surgery. They saw us down the front, put our shoulders way back so they can get in there. Lots of members have shoulder and back pain after surgery. Certainly you should tell your doctor and he can give you advice and explanations.
I was told it's the position you are put in during surgery.... "supine" beleive the term is. To be blunt. shoulders up arms behind back. Have had flares since my surgery almost 8 years now. It is the trapezious muscle. Runs from your neck, shoulders and middle back. Large muslce. Just sleeping wrong. Or in a bed other than mine...has caused a flares. Currenlty in one because I was travling a slept on it wrong. Started on 1/1. Hope it will go away real soon. The throbbing is enough to drive one crazy! Applying heat twice a day helps. If you can take Advil or Motrin...this will help with the inflamation.

I would still run it by your MD. As Karlynn stated...back pain can signal other conditions.

Good luck!