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Kevin M

Now that I've got my life back to a more managable pace, I hope to continue working on the valve selection information by early November. I don't know why I thought it was a good idea to buy a new house six weeks after open heart surgery. Duh.

If anyone has come across any other new info that is relevant, please email it to me.

Hi Kevin-

A new house 6 weeks after heart surgery?? Wow, you must be feeling pretty well. That's tough work even when you're feeling in prime shape. Hope you had a lot of help.

Good luck with the new house.
Hi Kevin

Good to have you back! Hopefully you didn't over do it .
How are you feeling these days?

:) Judy
Feeling pretty good; thanks for asking, Judy. I see that they are suggesting you wait for your next surgery. Please remember to let me know when you get a date so I can come visit you. Us Canadians have to stick together because we are few in number!
Great to hear from you, Kevin. I'm looking forward to seeing whay you've prepared on valve selection, but don't press it! I'm in the same boat of starting back up too quick after convalescence.