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Hi all , Its been a while since I have visited and it has changed a bit. Its very nice to be back and read all your posts again.
I guess thats when life started to get back to normal for me since my surgery in Jan of 99. I stopped hanging out in the heart support groups guite as much. Seemed like I lived there for a year at least. I still have many wonderful people that I have met various places in heart groups that have become good friends and we email often but not everyday like in the begining.
I am 43 now and my son is 4 and still hard to keep up with at times. I have a daughter 9 as well so theres not as much time as there once was to hang out to much. Sometimes however I feel the need to read others posts and try and offer support if I can in any way like so many did for me.
My husband was just activated with the reserves now and so I am home alone at night so what better place to visit huh?
I will be reading and chiming in from time to time . It will be fun to get to know you all. I am looking forward to it.
Another thing to take me away from the News Right?
Welcome baCK. Sorry to hear you are having to play the 'single mom' for awhile, but things will return to normal, eventually. Meantime, glad to share with you. I believe I remember you because your name is so familiar, but it's been a long time! I came in April 00. Lots of new members and new pages to explore. Go to the reunion pix and check everybody out. Prayers are with your husband and you/children that he will be safe from harm while he is away. God bless