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Posted in another thread about the company I've used here in the US, Reliaston, but no idea what the future holds. From my research prior to purchasing a meter they appear to be legitimate and have been in business for some time. They show strips available but unsure if there is some stipulation or litigation that would prevent them from selling. Almost afraid to reach out and ask.
I just received a box via eBay from a company called Self Care.

i just received

I just receive strips through eBay. There was an email that they may no longer be able to sell via EBay, BUT they would sell direct from their website which is selfcaredepot.com.

They have been reliable.
This is the same company I purchased mine from on eBay last week and then received the email on Saturday directing me to their website for future purchases.
Per FDA, INR meters require no prescription. It's the insurance company that requires a prescription, not FDA. Some suppliers require a prescription but in my case the requirement comes from the insurance company.
The company selfcaredepot appears to be in it for the long haul. I’ve just exchanged messages back and forth with them and they indicated that they have a good supply that is reliable. They have great expiration dates, etc. So I’ll be keeping them on my shortlist and checking in with them from time to time.

Previously, I have been using Reliaston. They have been extremely reliable (for me)
Thanks for posting this. In this document it says "If you typically need a prescription (such as for test strips for use with warfarin INR meters) ..."

Is it true that INR test strips require a prescription?
Here in Greece and as far as I know not even in Europe a prescription is needed, someone can go to a pharmacy and buy a box for 80 euros.
If you have a doctor's opinion and prescription, you can apply to the health organization and pay about 10-15% of the value.
The strips are not medicine and may be sold by shops with medical technology products but they must have ISO certification etc.
In 2009, when I first started testing, it seemed as if a prescription was required to get strips for my Protime meter. A doctor friend ordered a set of strips.

Since then, I've been buying my own supplies (or had them gifted to me by a manufacturer or friend).

I have a hard time understanding that you can buy glucose test strips and meters OTC, but can't get INR testing strips the same way. A person can do a LOT more harm if they mess up with insulin dosing (immediate harm) than an erroneous dose of warfarin (although to be clear, bleeding or hemorrhaging may take a few days to appear, and it may be a bit late to get heparin (to boost clotting) or to get Vitamin K to work.)
I have been getting my test strips on Reliaston.com with no problems at all. I used to get them on Ebay and have tried a few other online stores, but found this to be the best source.