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Jun 21, 2023
Hello.Joined this forum back in late June.I had August 2nd ohs for a bicuspid valve replacement.

I chose a bovine tissue valve,as the right choice for me.They installed a 25mm Inspiris Resila 25mm valve.
Living with Addison`s disease for 30 plus years is a load unto itself,and i made the decision that i was not going
to add to my health adventures going mechanical and the subsequent warfarin dosing.

Surgery itself went very well,other than my endocrinologist not discussing with surgery team,my cortisone stress dosing,before during and after surgery.
There i was having to advocate for myself,which living with a rare disease like that it happens often.

Surgery lasted about 4 hours,and was released on august 7th
Recovery at home was good,and only having about a 6 inch cut on chest helped that.
After the cocktail of drugs post op i am now on 25mg metoprolol 2x daily, 4 mg perindopril 1x daily and an aspirin 81

Shout out to my wife of 25 years cause without her by my side recovery would have been much tougher
A big challenge was the in an out of bed,and not being able to sleep on my side for about 4 weeks or so

Started a cardiac health program mid september,walking weight training etc.
I had follow up appt with surgeon after 6 weeks and he was very happy with all my tests that day,and my recovery progress.
My last ? for him was-can i go golfing and i received an emphatic no!! lol

I have been back at work since early october doing light duties not lifting more than 10 lbs and no repetitive over head movements
From 1st diagnosis of a heart murmur in march at another specialists office to surgery in august,i am really happy with how everything went

Here in Canada we certainly have our share of medical care horror stories,but no this time!!
Good to see you’re doing well.
I think you’ll get more years out of your bovine than I did with porcine (11yrs).
It will be like you never had surgery in a few months and that’s a great feeling!
Great to hear you're doing well!
We have the same make of valve, yours a tad bigger. So far, so good with mine. Long may it continue!
All the best going forward... the golf course awaits. 🏌🏼
Great to hear you are doing well. I’m a little over 22 weeks since having my aortic valve replaced by 25mm bovine Inspiris Resilia bio valve. Keeping your endocrine system in balance is challenging for all of us after major surgery I have learned. Managing your Addison‘s I’m sure was even more challenging. Welcome to the other side.