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Grandfather Clock
Supporting Member
Apr 22, 2022
Frederick, MD
And what a year it has been!

I wouldn’t say that I’m 100% like I was before surgery, BUT I am definitely doing well. I’m super thankful for all of the awesome help that I’ve received here.

I’m still figuring out a workout routine that will work for me and leave me PVC-free and not as tired … but that’s AOK with me. Today I went for a 1-mile jog (4 PVCs during the jog). Yesterday I did a fairly light free weight workout (no PVCs). We walk the dogs for 1-2 miles every day. I’ve got my warfarin management down. I eat whatever I want. I do all the same stuff that I did before and don’t take any extra precautions.

Life is good and I am blessed.

Thanks again to all of those who have supported and helped me. Truly.

Congrats!! I hope you were able to enjoy it and many more years to come.

I remember going for a run on my 1 year anniversary as well. I was actually in the Bahamas on a work trip at the time so it was perfect scenery for a 1 year anniversary run. I remember being on the run and thinking how far I had come, then looking down and seeing a red residue on my running shirt. It wasn't blood but was some ooze from a pacemaker wire that had been cut at the hospital and was now working its way out. It was a stark reminder that this was going to be an ongoing journey, lol.
Hey Timmay, really glad that you've crossed the year and all the anxiety of presurgery (and the actual difficulties of early recovery) are past you now.

Do like the Italian Driver and only look at where you are going, not give a care about what's behind you

(*ps I knew ya'd do it)