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Jun 14, 2023
Albuquerque, NM
Hi all -

Yesterday was the one year anniversary of my BAV / AA surgery.

I haven't been posting much the past few months because my post-6-12 month progress has been going well and I've mostly gotten used to my new ticker.

What a difference a year makes! I genuinely feel like I am out of the storm. I can walk and bike and hike. I can do all the things I used to do. I've even gotten good at chess, which is a new thing!

My next challenge will be to wean myself off metoprolol and see how my body handles it. For those who have gotten off of beta blockers, what were your biggest symptoms?

I wanted to thank this group for being here during the dark times (there were many!)--y'all are such a resource.

For those heading into the storm, recovery was, at times, difficult, but never too much to handle. And the body heals. Six months ago, I wasn't sure I'd ever feel as good as I feel now, but here I am. Trust the process.
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the first year is indeed an important milestone.

What a difference a year makes! I genuinely feel like I am out of the storm.

Glad to hear it

Best wishes for many more, now just make sure you don't get "complacent" with weekly testing and writing it up, and your pill box and you'll be good to go.

Congratulations, 1 year and more to come :)

I didn't like metoprolol and requested to stop it at about 3 months post surgery. My cardio agreed and I had no symptoms and was not put on a replacement drug.

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