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    2nd opinion now or later for Aortic aneurism?

    BAVD is a sub group of Marfans syndrone like neighbours on the same street, and I believe Loey Dietz as well which I think is the most high risk when it comes to aneurysm’s. https://www.marfan.org/about/marfan https://www.marfan.org/loeys-dietz https://www.marfan.org/bicuspid-aortic-valve
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    2nd opinion now or later for Aortic aneurism?

    I would second Athens reply. Of interest here- https://badaorta.com/double-trouble-bicuspid-aortic-valve-bav/
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    Age of Mechanical Valves

    My fathers St Jude mechanical was implanted in 1985 when he was 42, both him and the valve are still ticking. Mine was 5 a few weeks ago
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    Advancement and the future of Mechanical Valves/ Blood Thinners, ETC

    @nobog I’d be interested if you could elaborate on this- “This valve, or similar, has been out and about for over 20 years - there's a reason its not on the market - yet.” Is this a case of ‘we should be driving cars running on water by now’ oil company scenerio ?
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    Advancement and the future of Mechanical Valves/ Blood Thinners, ETC

    I assume you know about the Foldax valve? https://foldax.com/ If this valve pans out it will be the holy grail of valve advancements and the biggest thing since the Starr Edwards valve, the introduction of pyrolitic carbon and POC INR testing combined IMO
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    Mechanical Valve Stroke Risk

    Thats where the inr chart @pellicle has posted numerous times shows the sweet spot or rather relatively wide range where we’re good and stroke risk is minimal. Makes weekly testing and self management a no brainer imo. On the down side unfortunately from personal experience with my father (his...
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    Does COVID affect anticoagulation with patients on Warfarin? Affect INR?

    I to hope you recover quick and can put the virus behind you 👍 I don’t tend to get sick easily, but sometimes when my INR has wild swings for no particular reason I might have felt a bit off for a day or two and I put it down to maybe there was a battle going on in the bugverse.
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    On-X trial for warfarin alternative treatment

    Then theres the orientation of the valve when its implanted and the effects in turbulance, do they get every valve exactly at the perfect position to the enth degree? I’m guessing the guy who went 33 yrs with no warfarin may have had the perfect implantation or perhaps some other genectic...
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    On-X trial for warfarin alternative treatment

    Then there are the people who are aspirin resistant and I think someone was on here a few years back with an onx on aspirin and had issues- https://www.valvereplacement.org/threads/failure-of-onx-valve-and-problems-with-lowering-inr.878615/ And then I have even come across someone on another...
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    Schwarzenegger had another OHS

    Thats a terrible thing to say Tom, no one deserves OHS. Im sure many of us have similarities in our life choices to Arnie, did we deserve it too?
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    Coagucheck XS Test Strips

    Just bought a box of 48 strips last week here in New Zealand which cost $346.39 nzd incl gst, plus the courier, which is 194.79 euros for 48 strips. Some places here charge $110 euros for 24 strips. Strips are a tiny market here in NZ so I buy from the cheapest I could find out of a small...
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    Fingernail changes??

    Perhaps thyroid related? I have not noticed any difference on my hair or nails, be nice if my toe nails didnt grow.. might save a few pairs of socks, and my hair loss started well before warfarin. A few good comments here- Hair and nail problems on Warfarin. - AF Association.
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    30 yesrs

    Congratulations on your 30th. 🎂 The “veterans” on here like you and others give us all something to aspire to and there is long life after vr.☄ Im working on beating my father who is still ticking at 35 years on his St Jude valve.
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    Aortic Dissection awareness Week

    Thanks for the heads up, I found this on John Ritter, I never realised what he died from until now. https://www.healthline.com/health-news/john-ritters-widow-raises-awareness-about-aortic-disease I currently know of a woman with Loeys Dietz syndrome who has a very recently discovered aneurym...