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  • hi steve, 21st well not long now mate, believe me the worst part is the waiting,if ever you wanted a chat or anything just give us a ring ok, yea france was great thanks although the driving to get there is sure a drag lol,but well worth it,
    thanks Steve...every post means a lot. I am opting for the Tissue; the Mech. and it's 'rewards' etc.. don't go with my life style.. and while it took a while.. to choose, I'm fine with it. the other thing is I don't think I could deal with the click click they say comes with the Mech. aggggg anyway; i'll keep all posted. thanks again,
    hi steve, yea the waiting is defo the worst bit, i found the op a lot better than i thought it would be :) so france? hey we are off there to,where you going? we are off to the south near cannes, i love france, keep your chin up mate, neil
    Hey - fine thanks Neil
    You know - good days, bad days.
    Had a stage when I was rethinking the valve choice issue - but am still settled on tissue.
    Looking fwd to having a break from work (away into France for a couple of weeks) ...
    Still waiting for the call to go for assessment - after which I should get a date for the op, but am still hoping for October. I'm getting a bit stressed with feeling crap a lot of the time (aching chest, breathlessness, palpitations, tiredness - shall I go on?!) but am keeping pretty positive most of the time.
    Thanks for checking in!
    Take care - Steve
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