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  • Spartangator,

    I saw in your profile listing that you had a Ross procedure in 07. I am looking at a second OHS to replace my aortic valve and have a surgeon at Emory University who is willing and capable to perform the Ross pro.

    Can I ask what was the deciding factor(s) and how you feel post surgery?

    RGin GA
    Have you looked at the scores of the GA hospitals for cardiac surgery, none of them were over 54/100. I am sure they do good work, but especially since you are going in for a second OHS I would get a free consult from Cleveland Clinic.
    Oh, great. The report is an excellent read. Glad to hear things went so well.

    Yes, I'm a runner of sorts, albeit a relatively slow one, and have done a number of distance events since surgery with plans to do some more this year. I'll also be doing my first tri in fall.

    It's always quite inspiring, by the way, to follow results like yours and some of the other more advanced athletes. Thanks for sharing your successes.
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