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  • Hi Fundy,

    I had AVR in 2002 at aged 43 (human tissue).

    Legs are still heavy. I'm finding it hard being as active as I normally am.

    I wish I could have the next replacement tomorrow, but surgery is likely to be months away.

    How are you?

    It sounds as if you are getting on top of things and the surgery has been very successful.

    Did you have a mechanical valve replacement? I'm almost certain I have decided on a mechanical replacement - this is a change as initially I was adamant it would be a tissue valve, once again. I may change back again, as I see via this forum people seem to change their minds, often.

    Well Fundy, I better start work, but before I do - how bad were your symptoms before the surgery? I sort of remember how I felt last time, but it's a bit of a haze. I had a black out at gym - it was a little uncool and this was the event which led to surgery soon after.

    You take care and thanks for your note.

    All the best.

    Hi Phil,
    it looks like you had a tissue valve installed at about the same age I just did. I was wondering which valve it actually was out of curiousity. How is the heavy legs feeling going. I noticed I still have the feeling on long uphill walks. But at just over two weeks out, I expect mine will get better. I'm thinking being able to do long uphill walks in itself is a good enough feeling.
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