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    I rang them thinking that perhaps these doner valves were reserved for 'important" perople due to availability issues however the lady told me that they were available to everyone.From there I researched human tissue valves and although they dont have as long a life expectancy as the artificial valves I decided they were the right choice for me. I hooked up with a surgion who was going to perform the Ross procedure on me but for one reason and another they could not use the pulmonary valve for my aortic valve so the doner valve went straight into the aortic position. I also had my aorta repaired asthey found it was dilated to around 5cm/

    Well thats my story. At the time I was dreading the surgery, depressed, sleepless nights, not eating, mate I worked myself into quite a state. Now.....I'm glad I got it done. I feel much better and given me a new perspective and appreciation of life

    oorro for now
    oldmanemu ,
    prior to the operation I was stressing out. I didnt have much time to make a decision and there was just so much information on the internet I almost felt like information overload. The actual selection of the valve came about in an indirect way I guess. When I asked my cardiologist he said there was pig valbe or artificial valve but given my age he did not recommend a pig valve. I didnt particularly like the idea of taking warfrin for the rest of my life and being checked every month or two to make sure the dose was right. So I started doing my own research and found that human doner valves were another option. I wasnt sure why the cardiologist didnt mention this to me at the time. Anyway I ended up ringing up a tissue valve place in Queensland who put me in contact with a place down here in Victoria.
    Tony this isn't live chat.
    We can leave messages for each other.
    There is a live chat, however it is held Sunday evening US time AUS early AM Australian east coast time 6 AM approx.
    I am pleased that you are good post surgery. What type of valve did you select.
    It is always good to have more Australian members.
    G'day o;d man emu.
    thought I would get back on the site after a couple of years post op. I found this site very helpful before the operation but just found after that I needed some tile out from it all and get back into a normal routine. I was fairly stressed before the op. Sleepless nights, off food on anti depressents. The anxiety really kicked in.
    Thankfully I got through the op and the recovery. Its been two years and I feel much better than I did before the op. Enjoying life much more,
    I dont know what the future hold but I dont really care anymore. The whole experience of going through the opperation gave me a new perspective on life. I am thankfull that they have the technology and I am living in a time where they can perform such amazing operations and extend ones life. Anyway thats my short blurb

    Tony Coz
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