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  • Norm

    I'm in a similar situation with respect to ascending aorta and replacement of aortic valve. I'm currently wait listed for surgery at St. Paul's in Vancouver and my surgeon is Dr. Ye - if you have any input I would appreciate hearing from you.

    Tobias Jesso
    I'm not bipolar, Sid. I just retold an old joke I grew up with -- about bipolar people ("manic depressives" in the original) being "fine on average".

    One of my nephews is bipolar, but I've never seen much of him, and don't know much about it, sorry.
    Hello Normofthenorth-----I read one of your posts and you mentioned that you are bi polar----do you discuss this or is this a private matter? I have a 25 year old son who was diagnosed as bi polar when he was 18 years old and would like to discuss this with you if you don't mind.
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