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  • Things are progressing more rapidly than on my first dance with valve replacement. I will have the inevitable heart cath this week and next week a CT Scan before the 2nd valve replacement later this month. Things have changed quite a lot in this past decade. For one, I'm now a candidate for TAVR. My Cardiologist's plan is to put a Medtronics Core Valve into the ring of my 23 mm Edwards Bovine Magna. He wants to use a slightly larger Core Valve so his plan is to "fracture" <boy, that's a difficult thing to think about> to fracture the ceramic ring of the Magna and insert a 26 mm porcine Core. He assures me he has done this many times and it works well.

    Other things are afoot, however, in that there has been some surprising work done that may help everyone with a tissue valve in danger of calcification. Several groups studying various and sundry other things have come to find that a mutated gene [NOTCH1] may be the source or at least major contributor to valve calcification. The mutated form of NOTCH1 produces an amount of a binding protein that can be as much as 50 times normal. Many of the individuals identified with a super abundance of the binding protein have calcified heart valves. A group at Vanderbilt University came across this while studying a new drug (actually a monoclonal antibody) that they hope to market for people with rheumatoid arthritis. In the course of their research, they found that their "drug" shuts down the NOTCH1 so they had to follow the trail of bred crumbs to see what happens next and realized that the drug may prevent calcification. So its possible within a few years that, through this bit of serendipity, a drug could be available to help preserve our tissue valves.

    And once again, thanks for your support.
    Just seeing your post. Thanks for the information and good luck!
    Hi, Mentu. I have seen some of your posts. I'm new here. Can you tell me a little about your choice for tissue value. My dad will be 62 and he's a congenital BAVer... his surgery will be within the next month or so, but he's still so undecided about the value type. He wants to go tissue, but he's hearing it won't last that long. He really doesn't want to be on ATCs with a mechanical value and he's nervous the "clicking" will drive him crazy. Do you have any limitations with your tissue value?
    really very thanks to u ...........i really dont know that any one have time for me but u do n..really thanks for urr reply n ur best support

    Just love this pic of your gorgeous kitty! Years ago we had a Siameese that looked very much like yours. We currently have a Pug (avatar) and two housecats.

    Take care

    Thank you for the message.

    Am a country guy and appreciate your bee/pond lifestyle, as live on a 2 acre garden property with pond (goldfish), when the Heron and Fisher birds do not come fishing (smile).

    Truly hoping to get my tomato plants and dahlias in before surgery, so i can watch them grow (smile)

    After an early spring, we are into a cold snap and nightly frost, so unless sudden change, my spouse may be burdened with the planting, but at least i have the gardens prepared


    Larry I notice you call yourself a beekeeper in the sun. Do you keep bees as a hobby or a business. My late father was a serious beekeeper and my brother and I grew up with bees and all the honey paraphenalia. I still have love for bees and my young daughter is facinated by my actions when I find exhausted bees in the pool and feed them suger or honey until they can fly again. She has now taken to doing that herself to the amazement of her city slicker school friends!!
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