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    56 and AVR in April 2020

    I agree with the others that there is no need to choose your valve based on how active you plan on being. When I was 43 I wanted my cake and eat it too so to speak. I wanted a permanent (indefinite) fix without having to take anticoagulants so I chose a Ross Procedure. Unfortunately one of the...
  2. Bryan B

    Mitral Valve Replacement in Austin, Texas!!! Your comments/experience please!

    Hi ShezaGirlie, I'm not from Austin (although I was born not too far from there) so I can't help with advice, just wanted to say hello from another old timer VR member and wish you well as you prepare for another OHS. Having had 2 myself I kind of know the feeling you must be going through...
  3. Bryan B

    Cardiac catheterization

    But it involves getting stuck with a catheter, so it sounds legit to me. :)
  4. Bryan B

    Cardiac catheterization

    Uh oh, I forgot about CT angiograms. Was a catheter involved? No catheter and not having to shave your groin may disqualify CT angiograms. :D Edit to add: Mentioning not having to shave your groin took me back to the cardiac cath I had when I was 11...they made the incision and inserted the...
  5. Bryan B


    Happy valvaversary Steve!!! I remember February of 2011 well. You were preparing to climb the mountain as I was climbing it and then shouted back down that the view was great from up there. My bovine's 9th birthday was on February 22, 2011. Cheers buddy! 🍻
  6. Bryan B

    Cardiac catheterization

    Let's check with the judges...judges say yes angiograms are acceptable. :D
  7. Bryan B

    Cardiac catheterization

    Ask away roxaannneeee, I'm betting the majority of us here have had at least one. I've had 5 in my life...age 2, 11, 17, 43 and 50. Not that it's a contest or anything LOL!
  8. Bryan B

    Aortic valve Regurgitation, mm Hg numbers

    The surgeon who did my 1st surgery said 10lb weight limit (gallon of milk weighs ~8.5lbs btw) and no driving for 4 weeks. The surgeon who did my 2nd surgery also said 10lb weight limit but no driving for 6 weeks. Age also plays a part in how fast a bone heals, so 4 weeks might be right for...
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    Anyone still have sternum pain one year after surgery?

    After my first surgery in March of 2004 I had chronic sternum pain long after the surgery. CT scans and MRI's were inconclusive. I was given prednisone therapy a couple different times which seemed to help, but as soon as the regimen was done the pain came back. I ended up having the wires...
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    Tricuspid Valve with no Calcification

    I think the problem that still exists is this: Severe AS. AVA 0.82cm Although the CT scan showed that you do not have a bicuspid aortic valve, the echo showed that your aortic valve does have severe stenosis. Usually when the AVA (aortic valve area) drops below 1.0cm it's getting close to time...
  11. Bryan B

    2nd AVR on my horizon : (

    Glad you are back home and on the mend Carol. I have had 2 OHS's as well so I can relate to the "train wreck" feeling...or is it more like getting run over by a cement truck? I had a Ross Procedure done in 2004 and my aortic root started dilating. By 2011 I had to have the valve replaced and the...
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    Tricuspid Valve with no Calcification

    I'm just making an educated guess here, but the way I read this statement the surgeon expected to see a bicuspid (2 leaflets) AORTIC valve with calcification, and instead saw a tricuspid (3 leaflets) AORTIC valve with no calcification. I don't think he was talking about the actual TRICUSPID...
  13. Bryan B

    interesting meeting with the surgeon

    I had a Ross Procedure in 2004 and they first detected dilation in my root/ascending aorta in 2007. They weren't too concerned at first but when I came back in 2008 it had continued to dilate. I went to every 6 month check ups at that point and between my checkup in spring of 2010 and fall of...
  14. Bryan B

    Cyborg in training

    I developed a pimple like you are describing after having my wires removed ~8 months after my first surgery due to costochondritis that wasn't improving with time or treatments (still have my wires from 2nd surgery with no issues). It turned out to be that an internal suture was working its way...
  15. Bryan B

    Upcoming: ascending aorta and valve replacement

    Hi Nasredin, I also had a Bentall procedure in February of 2011 at the age of 50. I had a Ross Procedure in 2004 which replaced my bad aortic valve with my own pulmonary valve (autograft), and they replaced my pulmonary valve with a homograft valve. My aortic root began dilating a few years...
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