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    Pig heart transplant

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    Severe Aortic Regurgitation Leading to Second Surgery

    I guess nobody studies/evaluates these things in high-performance situations. They only take measurements on people who are lying down on a table. The results of such a study would have altered my choice, knowing that valve A performs 10% better than valve B when hiking/riding/running.
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    Warfarin (Coumadin) and sleep problems

    to add to Pellicle's list, try Melatonin before bed. I find it helps me, and it's about as safe as it gets.
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    Really new here.

    I had ultrasounds for years before I got to surgery. One of the benefits of multiple ultrasounds is that they can see progression. Is it getting worse or is it stable? Big difference in how you treat it.
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    Howdy - AVR coming up!

    I was in the same place as you, but strangely enough I was not nervous. I think it was because I'd spent so long waiting for the operation and the symptoms were coming on heavy that I was able to accept the surgery as the only sensible course of action. As for the warfarin lifestyle it's not so...
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    I don’t know what to do anymore

    I don't want to sound flippant, but I say hit the gym. Fill out those chest muscles. Scars can be sexy, especially on a fit person. Plus exercise does wonders for depression. I know this personally. Even that tick can be sexy. My wife gets very pleased with herself when she makes the tic get...
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    Discontinuing Metoprolol Update

    Well, there are some side effects to Metoprolol which hit everyone differently. (and the list is long.) In general, the less pharmaceuticals in your body the better. If you need them, and they help, then great. But if you can get to the point where you don't, all the better.
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    Returning to exercise after valve surgery

    Consider getting a competent massage, from someone who understands the post-op issues. If the entire upper area is in spasm then they may need some manual release. but at 6 weeks all those muscles are still healing, especially those that connect at the sternum.
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    Weight lifting with valve and aneurysm replacement

    I agree with the high rep strategy. The online guru debate seems to be volume training vs intensity training. My bff is all about max weight to failure in a set. I am about lifting to wear me out without bulging veins. I do some light exercises/weights with my morning coffee, a 45 minute video...
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    Returning to exercise after valve surgery

    I am approaching my 1 year. I exercise every day, adding in a lot more resistance training. Best I have looked in years, maybe a decade. But beware, at our age rest days are as important as lifting days. I used the slow and steady approach. Lifting lighter more often, and never to failure. Once...
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    Unusually LOUD heartbeat

    I had my pericardium drained a couple of weeks after my AVR. the ticking varies in volume. It did take a while to calm down, but it still isn't silent. I would hope that my pericardium has healed and regained the normal 50ml of fluid. In most situations people can't hear it.
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    aortic valve replacement

    That's a big lie. You absolutely, positively, super-100% can't eat Kale, in any form. Like ever. It will instantly kill you with with all it's Vitamin K. Don't let anybody, including your super duper healthy spouse, tell you to try Kale salads, Kale smoothies, Kale chips. Just say "No dear...
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    aortic valve replacement

    I had that decision last year at age 50. I came to the conclusion that mechanical was best because I did not want another operation at 65 and 80, which is a best case scenario. Warfarin has not affected my life beyond my balance being a little worse then what it was before. Like Superman, I self...
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    INR Jump-intestinal issues

    I would be more prone to staying the course. If the stomach bug has passed then you no longer have its effect on your INR. Your current dose has proven to keep your INR in check in normal conditions and should return you there. That said, lowering the dose for a day or two certainly won't kill...
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    Yoga and Warfarin?

    I exercise daily, sometimes with a little yoga mixed in. I do notice the blood pressure a bit more than previously. What I really notice is that my balance is off, to the point where I am making minor compensations in daily activities.