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  • Thank you Bigsidster. I am off to London on Monday the 29th of August. had angiogram on friday and everything else is perfect. the only problem is the aorta valve, couldn't get the camera or the tool whatever it is called through the aorta so now I think it's time. Thank you for getting back to me I really appreciate it.
    My stress test was on October 18 2010 followed by an Angiogram on October 19.My surgery was done in London Ontario on November 22,2010.The surgeon was a woman (Dr Myers) with very small hands.They tell me that any surgeon out of LONDON Hospital is good.
    Hello I just joined this site . I have aorta stenois my valve is 0.8. I also live in Tecumseh. Wondering how long you had to wait before your surgery, also things to get done before and after. Also the fear and stress level is in full tilt. Greg A refered me to you , he knows a lot about our area lol tbq and timmies. Have to have a angiogram as soon as it is scheduled. Thanks for taking the time to read this.
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