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    Corona Virus Feb 2020

    I can understand your concern. It would be beneficial if scientists and physicians understood the virus more than they seem to now. On the other hand, perhaps they will be extra cautious now.
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    Corona Virus Feb 2020

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    4 Days post op Bloody Hell / mire updates to come when l am up to it !!!

    Harriet, you are so strong! Hope we can get an update soon. Amy
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    I went to Orange Theory for about three months. I kept feeling nauseous, and sometimes barfing in my mouth a little (sorry for the TMI). It freaked me out so I set up an appointment with my cardiologist. He ordered a stress test, just to be sure I wasn't doing anything harmful. Stress test came...
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    Guess its now or never .. From Mechanical to Bovine

    Dear Harriet, It has been a while since I posted and now I see you took a break, too. The last time you and I communicated, I had just lost my Dad and now, I sign on only to learn that you just lost your Mom. As another member said, "that's brutal." However, you are a strong woman and I hope...
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    Considering the end of VR.org - Looking for your thoughts

    Hello VR friends. I have not been to the site for awhile and am sad & worried to learn about the site’s status. I just donated 50.00 and am happy to pay on a regular basis. Like so many others have written, this site was so important to me for the four years between my diagnosis and then...
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    Staying the Course -- 03/28/2016

    Super Bob, Knowing that Mondays are difficult seems like useful information. I am sorry to hear of your wife's troubles and hope you are able to resolve these concerns quickly. I have lost a couple of pounds and am glad about that. Unfortunately my huge Teddy went to the groomer last week...
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    Going in tomorrow

    Wishing you the best, Bushman. I bet Thursday or Friday will be here before you know it! Amy
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    Angiodysplasia / nightmare update

    Harriet - I would be infuriated in your situation. If you hire an attorney, it might be helpful to find one with significant medical knowledge. An MD JD, Amy
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    2 weeks post op

    Congratulations! Not being short of breath must feel wonderful. Amy
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    Now the nerves are really starting...

    It is difficult to believe this but for me, the idea of ohs was much worse than the reality. In my imagination, I created many negative outcomes but in reality, have a surgeon you trust makes a big difference. It did for me. I am two months out from my surgery and I feel very good physically...
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    Pre op incentive spirometer measurement numbers

    I was but I don't remember the score. It was given by the respiratory therapist and he said mine was "excellent." It seemed it didn't take long to get back to strong lung capacity.
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    Staying the Course -- 03/21/2016

    Congratulations on the weight loss and new fence. I love to see dogs run around crazy and really fast. It always makes me laugh. Honey bunny - nice work on those stairs. Paleogirl; I did not climb stairs before discharge. I remember seeing them, but I never saw them being used. Amy
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    Staying the Course -- 03-07-2016

    Seems like many are having a nice early spring. We are here too, in Kansas City. I have lost a bit of weight (2 pounds) so that is good. In general, I think "staying" the course is where the rubber meets the road. It is easy to begin a new eating plan, or to sign up at the gym, what is...
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    Angiodysplasia / Heyde syndrome

    Glad to hear it was located and cauterized. Is it a waiting game now? Will you still go to the hospital by ambulance, or did that happen all ready? Thinking of you.