Weight lifting with valve and aneurysm replacement

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Nice! Seems like you’ve got a pretty decent routine there…like I said, I’m mainly doing full body compound stuff three times a week (Bench, OHP, Squat, Bodyweight Rows) but I would like to add a few more isolation exercises.

I agree, I’ll probably steer clear of deadlifting, and I don’t do cleans anyway so nothing to worry about there. Cheers for the reply!
Awesome man, looks like you’re hitting all the best movements!
I think OHP is overlooked by many, but it’s basically the definition of strength in my eyes, being able to lift something up over head!
From what I've read is that in general we just don't know a ton about the exact effects that things like weightlifting might have on folks with replaced valves. It's likely to be bad due to the sudden spike in pressure when lifting heavy weights, especially using compound lifts.

I'm slowly starting to lift light weights, but am making sure to warmup before any exercise and am avoiding compound movements when possible. It's annoying and I'm likely never going to get very strong, but it sure beats having another surgery, or worse.
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