Testosterone - A question for those men on warfarin

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Jun 28, 2019
Bangkok Thailand
Do any of the men on warfarin know if testosterone is contraindicated for those of you on warfarin?
I am considering mechanical and started androgel 5mg a day 2 months ago. The benefits are great. My T was subclinical low about 170.
Thanks in advance gentleman!
PS--I saw a Dr yesterday but forgot to bring up the Androgel
PSS__There is evidence that low T in men can contribute to heart disease and for that and other reasons I believe T supplementation is of extreme benefit for those of us with low T
I have been on testosterone since I got my aortic mechanical valve. It does not effect your INR. Per my cardiologist there are no ill effects. Per my urologist you need blood work for a variety T related compounds every 6 or 12 months. You need a PSA test every 6 or 12 months and a DRE.

Beware of a lot of BS slung around about testosterone. It is a drug of abuse. What level of T is too low and what level is right is a matter of debate. There is no "extreme benefit" related to anything other than symptoms of very low T or no T. It is not a wonder drug to make you young.
The Androgel and other testosterone creams are extracted from organs of other species. Your body may have to deal with a form of testosterone that doesn't actually match what our body makes.

I use bioidentical testosterone - it's made from yams, but made to identically match the testosterone that our bodies make. You may have to find a compounding pharmacy that is able to provide it - and if your doctor isn't comfortable prescribing it, they may give you a referral to one that will.

I've been using it (unfortunately, not as faithfully as I'd like) for years. I have to be a bit careful, though, too much and I tend to become a bit more of an angry a-hole than I usually am.

As far as INR goes, the younger of us who've had heart surgeries and probably produce quite a bit more testosterone than the older farts who have the valves don't have issues with INR. Testosterone is a natural hormone made by us.

(I'm not entirely sure of the form of the testosterone supplements, like Androgel, is really the best choice. For me, the bioidental version is the safest).
Hi Protime,

Do you mind me asking if you are injections?

I'm on TRT and getting my valve replaced soon , and I've spoken with my cardiologist, surgeon, and TRT prescriber and no one has any issues with it whether I go mechanical or Ross
I use the gel. I use it in the morning. This makes your T levels be higher in the morning and lower at night which is what your body normally does. With a topical delivery method, the blood levels swing but not that much. With injections the cycle lasts longer and the swings in T concentration are larger in magnitude.