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I had a little setback, was coughing and felt lightheaded and reached for the bed for support well the wheel brakes were off an it slid off and I had a face plant on the floor. CT scan says all good.
I’m guessing your care takers were crapping themselves after the accident. Glad you are ok. It sounds like the coughing made you dizzy. But you just reminded me that in the early days of recovery the helpers emphasized keeping my head straight forward and no looking down when I would stand up. I believe it helped.
Your own meter will be much more convenient. Be aware, though, that you INR may take swings for the first 90 or so days, so it'll be hard to regulate. You may want to test more often - but be careful not to be too reactive to changes during this period - frequent adjustments - especially large ones - could get you onto the management roller coaster (large changes causing large swings and overcompensating to changes).