Hashimoto/ Thyroid meds and heart rate

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Jan 8, 2024
Exton PA
After an hour of standing and making my homemade lentil vegetable soup I became dizzy, breathless and hung onto my counter until I could seat myself and put my Apple Watch on to do a ECG. It told me my heart rate was 194 and it could not show an ECG. I was able to get my heart rate down to 96 in 6 minutes. My usual rate is 65. After a phone call with my cardiologist he suggested I see a specialist in ablation. So I have an appointment on March 1. After reading about my thyroid medication and how it can affect my heart rate I decided to lower my dosage. I had just had a lab done and my THS was .65. I prefer to be at 1. This all happened on January 7 and I have not had any racing heart beat for 45 days. Is there anyone who has had similar experiences with their thyroid meds?

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