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Just found this:The longest survivor of a porcine aortic valve replacement is Lewis Jackson (L.J) Dean, (US), who received a porcine aortic (pig's) valve replacement which functioned without any repairs for 30 years 197 days. The operation took place at Scott & White Hospital, Texas, US, under surgeon F.L Korompai (US) on 4 June 1979. When the original claim was logged in October 2009, Mr Dean was still alive. However, when we received the evidence in January 2010, Mr Dean had since died, on 18th December 2009, aged 93. As a result, he is not the holder of the 'Longest survivor of a porcine aortic valve replacement-living' record. Mr Dean's daughter, Wanna Lou Lloyd sent in the evidence on his behalf. The valve was never replaced or repaired after the original operation and did not cause Mr Dean any problems. It was not the cause of his death.

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